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Full Day Of Fun


Train with Feliks & Max

Having accumulated years of competition experience and boasting a combined total of 197 world records and 24 World Championship titles, Feliks and Max offer invaluable insights into implementing the necessary skills and drills to elevate your performance to the next level.


Discover the common attributes shared by top cubers and gain insight into attaining those skills. Join Feliks, Max, and the Cube Camp team for a full day of high-level training to elevate your abilities.


What's It Like To Be A Finalist At U.S. Nationals

We've replicated a stage mirroring the setup of the 2023 U.S. Nationals. Guided by The Time Base and HappyFt Productions, you'll have the opportunity to practice and immerse yourself in the experience of solving like they do at the major competitions.


Meet Soup Timmy and Phil Yu of The Cubicle

Meet Soup Timmy, a speedcuber and YouTube sensation boasting over 4 million followers. He'll delve into his journey, sharing insights on how he began and offering guidance on the steps you can take to become a successful YouTuber.

Discover the secrets to becoming a sponsored cuber as Phil Yu, the proprietor of The Cubicle, provides comprehensive insights. Learn the intricacies and essentials of securing a sponsorship with the major speed cube manufacturers, and gain valuable advice on setting goals to attain that coveted sponsorship.


Personalized Attention & Improvement Plan

Receive a customized strategy to enhance your cubing skills. Learn the essential drills and mindset for improvement. Furthermore, obtain an evaluation of your day with a subsequent plan to propel your progress.


(You'll also be awarded a Certificate of Completion for The Feliks & Max Cube Camp.)


Includes $175 Worth of Swag

Each camper will receive a personalized  Team Cube Camp shirt and exclusive gifts from our partners Rubik's, GAN and TheCubicle. Many of these items will not be available for sale and are exclusive items for our campers.

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We will be finalizing all the details within the next few weeks.


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Space is limited to 120 people. 


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